gocomma 300 Holes High-pressure Boost Shower Head – SILVER

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Have you ever experienced stress for low water pressure when taking shower? It is really a tiresome problem for doing shower. Whether you want to save money by saving water or do an awesome shower, this gocomma 300 Holes High-pressure Boost Shower Head is your best choice. With stainless steel plate, high-quality ABS material and multilayer Electroplate, it is sturdy in structure and durable to use. Laser drilling of 300 holes empowers you a wide-range showering. What’s more, 30 percent of water saving can save money for you.

Main Features:
● Uni-body designed of ABS and stainless steel, sturdy in structure, durable to use
● 300 holes of laser drilling for wide-range spraying
● LUV high-pressure boost for greater water flow
● Polished chrome finish
● Handheld or fixed rotatable type, easy to install
● Standard connecting interface: G1 / 2
● Connecting interface diameter: 20mm
● Working temperature: 1 – 90 Deg.C
● 30 percent water saving
● NO battery needed, water powered

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